Special Rome Under 40

Discover the many photo exhibitions, pubs, live music, food and wine tours… a young tourist itinerary that will take you to hidden corners of Rome. You will visit avant-garde art exhibitions, take part in openings of important events, and dine at typical Roman restaurants.

Beyond Rome!

Tivoli 's impressive scenery will be explored and we will organize tours to the Hadrian Villa, Villa D'Este, Villa Gregoriana, temples and churches. And if walking around Tivoli gets too hard on your feet, enjoy a moment of relax in the spa of a charming B&B!

Roman Holiday

a tour of Rome on a Vespa, a vintage car, a bicycle or segway. A tour of the eternal city you will never forget! And for those of you who would like to have something to remember this day by, we offer a photo shoot and the chance to select the best pictures!

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We will take you on a tour of the history, art, creativity and tradition of ancient Rome. You will find out about customs of the ancient Roman civilization by visiting the most important archaeological sites such as Torre Argentina, Sant'Andrea della Valle Church, the Coliseum, the Domus Aurea, the Arch of Constantine, the Circus Maximus, the Tower of Frangipani but also Capo di Bove home to unique thermal baths which were first built in the 2nd century AD. And these are just some of the tours we offer, come and find out more…


Tour designed for architecture lovers among yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's masterpieces.

Rome yesterday
  • Trajan's Market and new restorations
  • Capitoline Museums and new restorations
  • Imperial Fora and new restorations
Rome today and tomorrow
  • Ara Pacis (Richard Meier, 2006)
  • Auditorium Parco della Musica (Renzo Piano, 2002)
  • Olympic Village and Foro Italico
  • MAXXI National Museum of the 21st century arts (Zaha Hadid, 2010)
  • MACRO testaccio abattoir, Contemporary art in Rome, revisited Odile Decq, 2010
  • The Jubilee Church in the area of Tor Tre Teste (2003, Richard Meier)
  • Acquario Romano piazza Manfredo Fanti (arch. Ettore Bernich in 1885)

Photo Tour

Professional photographers will follow you every step of the way and will help you find new camera angles, new ways of using lights and shadows, new subjects to shoot. You will be able to look at places you are extremely familiar with, from a different perspective and you will take home a souvenir of your trip enriched by new flavors.